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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 289 – Any Seekers Through What Will You Do In The End (Jeremiah 5:1-31)          

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1. What needed to be found in Jerusalem for God to pardon her?








2. Were there any in Jerusalem honestly seeking to return to God?










3. In addition to spiritual adultery, did God’s people also commit physical adultery?









4. What are “battlements” (KJV) in this text?









5. How had the houses of Israel and Judah dealt with the Lord?







6. Would the false comfort of the false prophets stand?









7. In what way would God use Jeremiah toward the destruction of His people?









8. What did God intend to do with a mighty nation from far off?









9. In Jeremiah’s commanded declaration, who was to blame for what they suffered?









10. Did God’s people want to punish the wicked and false dwelling among them?







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