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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 225 – Dimness Through His Hand Stretched Out Still (Isaiah 9:1-21)

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1. How does Matthew 4:12-16 fit into the ninth chapter of Isaiah?










2. Should Israel have expected to remain in bondage or to be set free?










3. When Israel was going to be set free was it going to be done through conventional warfare?











4. Who is the child that they should have looked forward to being born?








5. Was the sending of the Syrians and Philistines against Israel enough to satisfy the anger of the Lord?











6. Why didnŐt GodŐs anger turn away from His people?











7. How far had sin spread amongst GodŐs people?











8. When the Lord used His people as fuel to the fire and turned them against each other, did that cause His anger to turn away?











Index Of Old Testament Studies


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