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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 224 – Write In A Great Roll Through Beholding Trouble (Isaiah 8:1-22)

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1. What was Isaiah supposed to write in the great roll and what did that message mean?








2. What was the Lord going to do because of His peopleŐs refusal to do whatŐs right?








3. Would GodŐs people have had to fear other nations if God was with them?








4. Did the Lord want Isaiah to walk in the way of the people and fear them?








5. While God was a sanctuary for Isaiah, what was He to Israel and Judah?








6. Did God want Isaiah to erase what He had told him to write?







7. Was God looking after the good of the house of Jacob (Israel) at the time we are studying?







8. In the context of chapter eight, how was God using Isaiah and his children?







9. Did God want His people seeking familiar spirits or wizards?








10. Is there light in those whom do not speak according to GodŐs word?








11. Were festive and bright days ahead of the children of Israel at the time that Isaiah is prophesying?











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