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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 223 – The Days Of Ahaz Through On All Hills Digged (Isaiah 7:1-25)

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1. Who was the king of Judah when Rezin and Pekah went up to attack Jerusalem?










2. What did news that Syria is confederate with Ephraim do to the house of David?











3. What message did God tell Isaiah and his son to bring to king Ahaz?











4. Did God date the existence of Ephraim from the time Isaiah was to go to Ahaz?











5. How important was faith in GodŐs words to the establishment of HIs people?












6. What did Ahaz do to cause the Lord to say he was wearying Him?











7. What prophesy did God give to Ahaz as a sign?













8. Did Isaiah have good news for Ahaz concerning the near future?













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