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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 277 – Arise, Shine Through Lord Will Hasten It In His Time  (Isaiah 60:1-22)        

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1. When darkness was to cover the earth, what did God want His people to do? 









2. What would the Gentiles and other nations do regarding the kingdom of the Lord?









3. When would the gates be shut in the kingdom of the Lord?









4. Will it fair well for those whom choose to be enemies of the Lord’s people?









5. In what way did the standing of Zion turn (from bad to good or good to bad)?







6. Would the Gentiles and kings be for the aid or destruction of God’s kingdom?









7. Did God promise peace or violence?










8. Who serves as a greater source of light than the sun and moon?









9. What kind of people did God foretell His people that they would be?









10. Who would create strength and numbers in this spiritual nation of God’s people?








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