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"That I might make thee know the certainty of the words of truth..." (Proverbs 22:21).


An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 255 – Hezekiah’s Response Through Sennacherib’s Death (Isaiah 37:1-38)

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1. How did Hezekiah take Rabshakeh’s threats?








2. What did the servants of Hezekiah say to Isaiah?









3. Did Isaiah have comforting words for Hezekiah?









4. Who accused God of deception?










5. What did Hezekiah do with the letter he received from the Assyrians?







6. Did God reply directly to Hezekiah?









7. Was God going to allow the Assyrians to rage against Him successfully?







8. Did God give a sign that would prove His prophesy concerning Assyria was not chance when it came true?








9. After the Assyrians attacked, would there be a remnant?








10. What was God’s reason for defending Jerusalem?







11. Did God do as He promised?






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