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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 249 – Don’t Go To Egypt Through The Fire In Zion (Isaiah 31:1-9)

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1. Was it smart for Israel to look to the Egyptians for help?

2. Did God rise up against those who helped evildoers?

3. Did the Lord view the Egyptians as an almighty people who couldn’t fail?

4. In what ways did Isaiah say the Lord was likened to a lion and a flying bird?

5. Did God want those who revolted against Him to turn back to Him?

6. If they did turn back to God, what would they cast away?

7. Was it the sword of a mighty man that devoured the Assyrians who were invading Israel?

8. Were the Assyrians going to see the deliverance of God and bravely stand against Him?

9. Where is the fire and furnace of the Lord?

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