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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 217 – Concerning Judah & Jerusalem Through Cease From Man (Isaiah 2:1-22)

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1. As we begin chapter two, who did Isaiah have a vision concerning?










2. When was the mountain of the LordŐs house going to be established?











3. When the LordŐs house was to be established, where would His law begin to be taught?











4. At the establishment of the LordŐs house, who would be rebuked?










5. What did God want Israel to walk in?










6. Why did the Lord, in this vision Isaiah is having concerning Judah, forsake His people?









7. Did those whom had exalted themselves have anything to fear?









8. Would the idols, that man had learned to trust in, be able to survive the wrath of God?










9. Did the Lord want His people to trust in man?













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