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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 246 – Woe To The Crown Of Pride Through Wonderful Counsel (Isaiah 28:1-29)

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1. Were the leaders of Ephraim, at the time Isaiah prophesied about them here, humble?

2. In the day God judged them, what was God going to do for the residue of His people and for them that turn the battle to the gate?

3. What did wine and strong drink do to some in Ephraim?

4. Was the word of God going to bring about repentance for Ephraim?

5. With whom [what] did the rulers of Ephraim make a covenant?

6. As a result of the covenant they made, what prophesy does Isaiah reveal?

7. What should they have done to prevent their bands being made strong?

8. What is the Lord teaching when He talked about the plowman working?

Index Of Old Testament Studies


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