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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 244 – A Song Is Sung (Isaiah 26:1-21)

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1. Where is “this song” going to be sung?

2. What nation was going to be able to enter into the open gates?

3. In whom does this song teach the people to put their trust in?

4. Was it the high and lofty or the poor and needy who faired better?

5. What did the just do?

6. Isaiah desired God, but what did the wicked do even when God showed favor?

7. Why did Judah have trust in God for providing peace to them more than other lords?

8. When they came to the Lord in times of trouble due to their being corrected, what imagery was used to describe how much pain they were in?

9. Did they have some confidence that the dead of the Lord would live?

10. Why were the people of God instructed to hide?



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