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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 241 – The Burden Of Tyre (Isaiah 23:1-18)

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1. Was the burden of Tyre going to be a partial judgment or total destruction? 










2. Did Tyre depend on the sea for their trading?












3. What did Tyre have in common with Egypt?












4. What reputation had Tarshish enjoyed in the past?












5. God asked who had taken this counsel against Tyre and then He answered the question.  So what was GodŐs answer to that question?












6. If passing through Tyre at the time God judged them, would you find strength?












7. What land was Tyre told to behold?










8. Tyre was laid waste and forgotten, but was that going to be forever?











9. What was Tyre going to be after the seventy years of their destruction?
















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