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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 237 – The Burden Of Egypt (Isaiah 19:1-25)

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1. When God brought judgment on the Egyptians, what did their idols do for them?










2. During GodŐs judgment on them, were the Egyptians going to find help from within Egypt?









3. What kind of king was the Lord going to have rule over the Egyptians?









4. What was going to happen to EgyptŐs natural resources of food, defense, and trade?










5. Were the Egyptians going to be able to look to their wise men for help?












6. What did the Lord mingle in the midst of Egypt that caused all to err and not be able to work?










7. Did God promise fear to the Egyptians?










8. Would this judgment from God upon Egypt cause any to turn to Him?











9. What three nations did God plan on uniting after His humbling of Egypt?











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