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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 207 – Who Is As The Wise Man Through Unknowable Work Of God (Ecclesiastes 8:1-17)

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1. Does wisdom change the facial expression of a man?









2. Was it wise to keep the king’s commandments?










3. Why is the misery of man great upon him?












4. Can we know what shall be for everything?












5. Do you have complete control over your spirit?










6. Why will one person harm another and continue to have his or her heart set to do evil?












7. Though a sinner seems to live long and well, will he or she get away with his or her sins?












8. Do the just have a better life in this world because of living righteously?












9. As far as this world is concerned, should we enjoy the fruit of our labors as we can?












10. Though Solomon applied his heart to know wisdom, and he was wise (I Kings 10:23-24), did he find that wisdom would reveal all the work of God?















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