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An Overview Of The Old Testament

Part 195 – Vanity Of Pleasure Through God Giveth Good (Ecclesiastes 2:1-26)

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1. As Solomon looked at how he had anything he wanted (pleasure, laughter, wine, houses, vineyards, pools, trees, servants, cattle, treasures, singers, labor, etc.), did he conclude that these things were profitable?










2. As Solomon beheld wisdom, madness, and folly, how does wisdom compare to folly?











3. Do a wise man and a foolish man have the same ability to see things clearly?










4. What do the fool and the wise man have in common that caused Solomon to hate life?










5. Why did Solomon hate all of his labor?









6. Is it possible that all you work for will later belong to a fool?









7. Why did Solomon want to cause his heart to despair all of his labor?








8. What do you really get from all your physical labors?









9. Should we enjoy the fruit of our labors or save it all for the future?










Index Of Old Testament Studies


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