Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians

(II Corinthians 8:1-24)


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1. Though in poverty, what were the churches of Macedonia taking part in?









2. Did the churches in Macedonia exceed what Paul expected of them?









3. What did Paul expect to see the church in Corinth do with the help of Titus?









4. Though not by commandment of the Lord, was Paul testing the church in Corinth?










5. How does Jesus serve as an example in the area of benevolence?










6. Did Paul expect the church in Corinth to finish what they had started in regard to helping needy saints?











7. Was the church in Corinth being burdened with helping needy saints more than others were?










8. Did Titus care for and want to work with the church in Corinth?










9. Did Titus come to Corinth alone?










10. Is there a need for an accounting process when taking funds from a congregation to do the LordŐs work?










11. Were Titus and the messengers of the churches in Macedonia reputable?









12. What was the church in Corinth expected to prove to Titus, the messengers with them, and to the other congregations?















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