Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians

(II Corinthians 2:1-17)


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1. Did Paul want a sorrowful or joyful relationship with the saints in Corinth?










2. How much was Paul troubled by the problems in Corinth that he had to write them about?










3. Once a brother or sister in Christ has been disciplined, is there a point wherein it is time for forgiveness and love to be shown to he or she?











4. What did Paul seek proof of from the brethren in Corinth?











5. If the brethren in Corinth forgave a brother or sister who had erred, what would Paul do?











6. Is there a benefit in knowing the devices of Satan?












7. Though Paul had an opportunity to preach in Troas, what caused him to have a restless spirit?












8. How did God make known the savour [odor] of His knowledge in every place?











9. What was the difference in the savour [fragrance] of Paul and his coworkers to those who are saved opposed to those who were to perish?











10. Were there were many in the first century who corrupted the word of God?













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