Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians

(II Corinthians 1:13-24)


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1. If someone told the Corinthians that Paul had something to say to them that he had not written, should they have believed that person?










2. Was Paul able to rejoice over the Corinthians in any way?










3. Did Paul have plans to come to Corinth for a beneficial visit?









4. Was PaulŐs plans regarding a visit to Corinth made with lightness [fickleness; not serious]?  Did he have a selfish/carnal desire in regard to his plans?









5. Do godly people speak in inconsistent manners and/or make empty promises?









6. Who established and anointed Paul, Timothy, and the church in Corinth?









7. What were they given as an earnest [guarantee] of them being sealed?









8. Why didnŐt Paul come to Corinth at the time he had originally intended to do so?









9. Did Paul and Timothy think that they could control the faith of those in Corinth?














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