Studies In The Book Of II Corinthians

(II Corinthians 13:1-14)


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1. What was Paul going to do to establish every word he spoke to the Corinthians when he was to come in person?








2. What reasons were going to prevent Paul from sparing the Corinthians if he were to visit?









3. Through whose power was the resurrection of Christ?









4. What should we do to know whether or not Christ is in us?









5. What did Paul trust that the Corinthians would know?









6. Did Paul want the Corinthians to succeed spiritually so that he could look better?









7. Though they could be called reprobates, could Paul and Timothy be accurately charged as doing something against the truth?










8. How could Paul and Timothy be glad to be weak?










9. What did Paul hope to avoid by writing this epistle to the Corinthians?










10. What did the Corinthians need to do to have God to be with them?









11. What kind of kiss did Paul want the Corinthians to give one another?









12. Who saluted the Corinthians?









13. Do Christians have some form of a relationship with all three members of the Godhead?












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