Studies In The Book Of I Corinthians

(I Corinthians 4:9-21)


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1. Did Paul try to use his apostleship to exalt himself?









2. Did the Apostles live like kings (i.e. received honor, had material things in abundance, etc.)?











3. Was Paul trying to bring shame to those in Corinth whom were materially better off than the Apostles?










4. Did Paul look at himself only as a teacher to those in Corinth?









5. Did Paul want the Christians in Corinth to follow his example?








6. What was Timotheus (Timothy) going to come to Corinth and do?









7. What problem did Paul intend to come to Corinth to deal with?










8. Were those puffed up in Corinth wise to doubt the boldness of Paul to come and deal with them?










9. What different approaches did Paul consider when he was thinking of coming to Corinth?














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