Studies In The Book Of I Corinthians

(I Corinthians 14:26-40)


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1. When the congregation in Corinth assembled for worship, were they there to worship God and edify each other?









2. If a person were to speak in unknown tongues in the worship assembly, what else needed to occur?









3. Who was expected to keep the prophets in check?









4. If a prophet received a revelation during a worship service, were they supposed to interrupt by blurting out that revelation?









5. Could a prophet control what he or she was going to say?









6. Would God do anything to create confusion in congregations of His people?








7. Were the females, even if they were prophets, permitted to speak in the worship assembly?








8. Was it implied that some in Corinth had thought they were the lone source of revelation?








9. What did Paul want the prophets in Corinth to do in regard to what he had written?








10. If someone in Corinth did not want to recognize what Paul had said, was Paul going to try and continue to convince that person?









11. Would it have been better to speak in tongues or to be a prophet?









12. Does there need to be order in our worship assemblies?












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