Studies In The Book Of I Corinthians

(I Corinthians 14:12-25)


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1. What did Paul instruct the Corinthians to seek that they might excel in?










2. What were those who spoke in unknown tongues instructed to pray for?









3. Did the one speaking in an unknown tongue understand what he or she was saying?










4. Should we seek to pray and sing with an understanding of what we’re saying?










5. Must we be concerned about whether or not unbelievers who may be assembling with us can understand what’s being said?










6. Should we be concerned about the edification of others?









7. How important was it for Paul to understand what he was saying?









8. In what ways should our knowledge be immature?









9. Did speaking in miraculous tongues always convince people to believe in God?









10. Were both tongues and prophesying for Christians to be edified?










11. Would there have been a different reaction if an unbeliever witnessed tongues in the assembly than if they witnessed prophesying?













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