Studies In The Book Of I Corinthians

(I Corinthians 12:12-31)


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1. Is the LordŐs church one body?









2. Is there any type of racial or social divisions in the body of Christ?










3. Does each member of the LordŐs body matter even if that member seems lesser in some way?










4. If we were to give honor to an individual in the body of Christ, would it be the strong member or the weaker member?









5. Should we care more for one person in the body than for another?









6. Should we know each otherŐs sorrows and joys?










7. What Scripture, in our current study, shows the church/body is not a physical structure?









8. Even in the time of miracles, were there different roles and spiritual gifts in the LordŐs body?










9. Is there something better than spiritual gifts?














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