Studies In The Book Of I Corinthians

(I Corinthians 11:17-34)


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1. Were the Christians assembling in Corinth united when they assembled together?










2. What existed among those assembling in Corinth so that those, which were approved among them, could be made known?











3. How were those assembling in Corinth abusing the LordŐs Supper?










4. What location did the Lord specify as the appropriate place for common meals?











5. What reference point did Paul use to establish how the LordŐs Supper is to be observed?










6. What do we ŇshewÓ [proclaim] each time we partake of the LordŐs Supper?











7. Can you partake of the LordŐs Supper unworthily?











8. What should you do to be sure that you are worthy to partake of the LordŐs Supper?












9. Could you lose your soul over partaking of the LordŐs Supper unworthily?










10. Why were some spiritually ill in Corinth?











11. What will being corrected prevent?











12. If a brother or sister in Christ were late to the assembly, should we wait for him or her to partake of the LordŐs Supper?












13. If brethren are hungry, should the church assemble for a meal?
















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